Are You Getting Cake Poker Rakeback?


Let’s get straight to the point.

If you play poker online, you have no idea what “rakeback” is, then you are out on a hefty sum each month. In other words, each month, you can increase your bankroll by hundreds of players and take it from every pot. .

So, what’s rake all about then?

Online poker rooms aren’t like you to play for free, out of every pot they take what is known as a “rake”. This is a charge of up to $ 3, it’s where they’re massive yearly profits come from 카지노사이트.

For example: Take a 2-player game of poker, the pot reaches $ 50 – you’ve both contributed $ 25. Lets say the poker room takes $ 2 rake from this pot, it’s now $ 48. Both players have paid $ 1 to the “house” for playing this single hand.

If this happened 1000 times (which can be accomplished in a single day) you paid the poker room a whopping $ 1000 in order for the privileged playing of those hands.

OK, so tell me some more about “rakeback”.

What if, of that $ 1000 in the above example you could legitimately get $ 333 of it? 33% of the poker room table is paid directly into your player account – dream come true?

Rakeback is where you join online poker rooms via a third party, an affiliate, who has negotiated a poker deal with a percentage of the vast sums of money you pay.

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